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CapeSoft FeMail is not only a fully featured Email client, but it is also available as source code to allow you to easily add a full mail client to your application, and fully control the data stored by the mail client using the backend of your choice.

The Screenshots section shows some of the window and features that feMail provides and serves as a good introduction to feMail.

feMail is currently Beta - which means that is it is an initial release and doesn't have every single feature, bell, and whistle that it will end up with. It means that in the initial release form this documentation is not complete, new documentation for both users and programmers will be released each version.

feMail Main Window


Editing mail with feMail

Tools and Accessories

FeMail leverages the functionality provided by the following CapeSoft accessories:

Required Accessories

These accessories form the core functionality of feMail and are required in order for it to function. These accessories are available individually, or in the feMail Source Required Pack on



The premier TCP/IP toolkit for Clarion, NetTalk handles the email sending and receiving and is the core component that FeMail is built on.


File Explorer

FileExplorer uses COM to provide controls and classes for HTML browsing and editing, which is used to provide the visual display and editing in FeMail. (FileExplorer also provides PDF, Media and Flash viewers).



All the settings for FeMail are stored in XML files. xFiles allows these files to be loaded and saved with a single line of code (it supports loading and saving using queues, groups and files).



WinEvent is a library of useful Windows functions, file and directory handling, serial port comms, GSM modem support (for SMS text message sending and receiving), debugging and much, more more.

These tools are available for purchase separately or in one of two Packs - feMail Source Required Pack and the feMail Source Recommended Pack. The Required pack contains the above products. The Recommended pack contains everything in the Required pack as well asthe following additional accessories and tools:



Allows controls to become hyperlinks, and is used for launching the program associated with files, starting a Skype call from a links etc. This is used extensively in the Address Book to allow new mail messages to be created by clicking on the email address etc.

FileManager 3

Provides automatic runtime database upgrading for new versions, as well as allowing the backend to be easily converted from TPS to SQL and much, much more.



Provides mail and address import from Outlook Express


Keeping Tabs

Keeping Tabs is a simple utility that globally sets the List line height, separator color and saves and restores the listbox formats and tabs selections.



Provides integration with Microsoft Outlook (both import, export and synchronization). Allows mail, contacts, appointments etc. to be read and written to. Also provides integration with the rest of the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and is used by SendTo to send the contents of any browse or list to Word, Excel etc.



SendTo sends the contents of any listbox or browse to a file (Word, Excel, CSV, PDF, HTML and XML), printer, email or FTP. Where the file format chosen supports it, all formatting is preserved (styles, colors, backgrounds, fonts etc.). SendTo requires a number of accessories used in feMail: OfficeInside, WinEvent, NetTalk and xFiles. In addition it requires CapeSoft Draw.


CapeSoft Email Server

CapeSoft Email Server is a full SMTP and POP server that is fast, robust and easy to setup. It is ideal for testing feMail either on the local LAN or the even on the local machine. It supports unlimited numbers of mailboxes, SMTP Authentication, SSL, relaying and direct MX sending etc. making it the ideal test server for your mail client.


Compatible with
Clarion 5 Clarion 5.5 Clarion 6
Clarion 7 Clarion Templates ABC Templates
16 bit 32 bit Web Builder
DLL Mode Local Mode ClarioNet
Multi DLL        

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Trial Version and Downloads

While feMail is still in Beta the standard version is free and can be downloaded from

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