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Please Note that File Manager 2 is no longer for sale. For existing FM2 users, you can purchase the cross-grade to File Manager 3 for $329 at ClarionShop


Since 1995, and Clarion 1.0, Clarion developers have been depending on File Manager 2 to make their lives easier. One of the most popular accessories ever made for Clarion there is no product that will pay for itself quicker. File Manager 2 is a revolutionary tool that simplifies the hassles involved in upgrading your products.

Clarion Online says...

Overall, FM2 is an excellent product. It provides a very easy-to-use solution to a major Clarion problem and even includes some welcome unexpected extras such as C-SCAN. The product does its job very well and it is very hard to find shortcomings." Clarion Online (Jan 98)


What the Users Say...

Compatible With

Clarion 6 GoldYes
Clarion 7Yes
Clarion 8No
Clarion TemplatesYes
ABC TemplatesYes
Local ModeYes
DLL ModeYes
Multi DLLYes

Documentation & Support

Documentation for the product is available here. Go here for further support.
File Manager 2