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We all know how it goes - you start out (as many Clarion programmers do) as a single developer operation and before you know it, you've hired a couple of developers to handle the dirty work, while you do the real work of selling the product. The problem is, you forgot to purchase the extra licenses required for all those amazing CapeSoft accessories (that help you work smarter, not harder).

CapeSoft's license policy requires one license per developer. We understand that most developers have more than one machine (your work PC, home PC, and perhaps a laptop or two) - so we don't restrict the number of times you can install our products (for each license purchased) to give you as much flexibility as you need, but those installs are limited to one single developer per license .

You can purchase additional licenses from Clarionshop: http://www.clarionshop.com

Do I really need a license for each developer?

If each developer requires that product's template in order to open the application (or the source files installed to compile it) then yes, you need a license for those developers.

But that developer does not use that functionality?

A lot of the Capesoft products take a couple of minutes to add (for example SendTo, MessageBox, KeepingTabs and others). This means that there's very little work in adding the template to the application - or even understanding the product. It's not the "addition or use" of the product, but whether the developer requires that template in their registry in order to open the application.


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