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Developer Tools Introduction
This page contains a collection of Tools that have been designed with Developers in mind. We also sell the source code to some of our software packages.

Developer Tools
bullet small CapeSoft Email Server Developer Edition

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  • Description: A royalty free email server for you to distribute with your application that's almost exactly the same application as the Normal CapeSoft Email Server, but it has an additional sending and receiving authentication layer, thus only allowing your applications to be able to talk to the server. The server will send outgoing email, and can collect emails.
  • Benefits: Royalty free. (no per server/copy costs).
  • Benefits: Your application does not have to be online to send emails. Your app just sends its emails to the Developer Edition and it will take care of the rest. So even if you application runs for 5 minutes at midnight every night, you can rest assured that the emails it produces can be delivered.
  • Benefits: Unlimited users (mailboxes)
  • How it works: Only allows emails to be send/received from your applications. (ie Email clients that you haven't written won't be able to use the Developer Edition e.g. Outlook/Outlook Express).
  • Target Audience: Developers of almost any language including: C/C++/C#, Clarion, Delphi, Java, PHP, Visual Basic (etc.) who want to send or receive emails from their application and are looking for a royalty free solution.
  • Price: $399 once off. No royalty fee - i.e. Each developer buys a license and then they can ship the Developer Edition with their product. (Upgrades are free).
  • More Information: CapeSoft Email Server Developers Info
bullet small Safe Writer
  • Description: Creates password encrypted SAFE files
  • Benefits: SAFE files are ideal for distributing your products. Anyone can download them, but only your customers that have paid for your products can extract the files within them.
  • Benefits: 168-bit Triple DES algorithm creates a far stronger encryption algorithm than ZIP files.
  • Benefits: SAFE reader is free. So your customers can download it for free.
  • How it works: Has both a Windows GUI interface and command line option to generate SAFE files.
  • Target Audience:  Developers of any language including: C/C++/C#, Clarion, Delphi, Java, PHP, Visual Basic (etc.) who want to password protect their distributed files.
  • Price: $39. (Upgrades are free).
  • More Information: Safe Writer
bullet small Bulk Dictionary Editor
  • Description: CapeSoft's Bulk Dictionary Editor enables you to convert your dictionary quickly and easily. Originally written as an add-on to Replicate, it grew into a much larger project and now ships as part of Multi-Proj and FM3 as well.
  • Benefits: Makes conversion to SQL easy. (SQL friendly arrays, date & time types)
  • Benefits: You can make bulk conversions in your dictionary. e.g. STRING to CSTRING
  • Benefits: Adds the GUID (Global Unique Identifiers) for Replicate support.
  • How it works: BDE is a separate Tool that ships with Replicate, Multi-Proj or FM3.
  • Target Audience: Clarion Users, who need to make bulk changes to their data dictionaries, particularly if they are migrating to SQL, or if they use Replicate.
  • Price: BDE is included when you purchase: Replicate, Multi-Proj or FM3
  • More Information: Bulk Dictionary Editor

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bullet small CapeSoft Email Server
Developer Edition
can be bought at for $399
(see Developer License)
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bullet small Safe Writer can be bought at for $39 Buy Safe Writer at ClarionShop
bullet small Bulk Dictionary Editor
is included when you purchase FM3, Multi-Proj or Replicate

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