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All good things comes to an end...

We first wrote the Email server back in 2002, when most folks were still on dial-up connections, and we have supported and maintained it since then. It has served us well and has ably coped with our email needs over almost two decades.

All good things though must come to an end. Email has moved on and the Email Server has not. In the meantime a number of more capable servers have appeared which are either free or low-cost. Updating the mail server to the current state-of-the-art is not viable from an economic point of view, and it serves no purpose to just add "another email server" to the mix.

Therefore, as at 31 May 2019 we have taken the decision to discontinue the product. We will continue to provide support for as long as that is practical, however as time goes by we recommend user migrate to another server.

The primary driver that will force a change is likely to be ISP's upstream from you requiring Secure email connections over TLS 1.2. The CapeSoft Email Server supports TLS 1.0, but over the next few years it is likely that most ISP's will phase out support for this and will require connections over TLS 1.2 or better.

Other Windows Servers

There are a number of free, and reasonably priced, servers on the market, and Googling for Free Windows Email Servers returns an ever changing list. At the time of writing five popular servers are;


For current users, who need to re-install, the last install file is here.