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Please Note: Secwin Online Server requires Secwin 4.30 or later and NetTalk


Secwin Online Server provides immediate access to temporary or permanent product activation codes for any product which has the Secwin online client feature enabled. Activation codes can be blocked for certain clients, products or datasets, allowing the supplier full control over product sales and distribution, but giving prospective or new clients immediate access to the product. Activation codes can be issued as temporary or permanent product codes.



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Why Secwin Online Server ?


Compatible With

Clarion 6No
Clarion 7No
Clarion 8Yes
Clarion 9Yes
Clarion 10Yes
Clarion TemplatesYes
ABC TemplatesYes
Local ModeYes
DLL ModeYes
Multi DLLYes

Documentation & Support

Documentation for the product is available here.

Go here for further support.


The price of Secwin Online Server is $247. It is available for purchase from ClarionShop.
Hosting Subscription:
A Secwin Online Server is hosted by CapeSoft on our server in the USA.
Developers who want access to SOS, but do not want to host SOS themselves, can subscribe to our hosted SOS for $69 per annum which you can purchase from ClarionShop.
The annual subscription will give the developer a login and password for the web interface, which will allow you full access to all your products, registrations and related data. In addition, new registrations and daily backups of data can be emailed to you.
For other payment options please contact us here

Refund Policy

CapeSoft believes that if you aren't satisfied with our products, we would like them back - and we will refund you the money. This allows you to purchase our products with confidence. You can read our full refund policy here.
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Secwin Online Server