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Around the World in 18 Days!
May 23 to June 9 2007

Australia               America               Europe

PLUS Special Warm-Up event right here in South Africa, May 3-5

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After a fantastic tour in 2006, we are now preparing for the CapeSoft World Tour 2007.

It's Bigger (5 CapeSofties will be there), Longer (5 days instead of 2) and Better (Hands-On, not just Lectures).

5 days. 3 class rooms. 18 topics. 50 hours. This is the most intensive Clarion event. Ever.

What they said about the training in 2006...

I highly recommend attending the next class when it is offered. Your productivity will go up extensively - Benjamin Krajmalnik, Atlanta

It was a great experience and worth every dime - Frank & Liz Krause, Newark

You obviously put a lot of effort into planning the world tour, and it showed. Bravo to you and everyone else involved in putting the tour together - Bob Zimmerlich, LA

Seldom I experienced the combination of your high level of programming
skills and the power of presentation and entertainment - Oscar Jansen, Utrecht

The Goal

In a nutshell the goal of the 2007 World Tour is to make the event the most productive week of your whole year.

We encourage, nay insist, that you bring a laptop or PC along, loaded with your own projects. During the week we will work with you, on your applications to implement functionality, find bugs, and get stuff done.

In 2006 we ran short (2 day) courses, which consisted mostly of lectures, we visited multiple cities in each region, and all attendees were together in the same room.

In 2007 we're visiting a single city in each region, but the course will be longer (5 days) allowing for more in-depth treatment of the subjects. We will be breaking into three groups so that you can focus on the sessions that most interest you.

We want you to bring your laptop, or computer, pre-loaded with your applications. During a session lectures will be short, and then time will be spent allowing you to apply that knowledge to your own application. During this time we'll be on-hand to help you. After a while another lecture, then more workshop time, and so on.

You're free to join, or leave any session at any time. So when you're done implementing one thing, move on to another session and apply that knowledge as well. You may want to spend all 5 days doing one task (building a web server for example) or spend 10 half-days getting 10 things done. There will be a mix of "long sessions" (Web Server, Replicate, Hot-Dates, SQL, etc) and "short sessions" (lots of the smaller accessories), and we will be repeating some sessions where possible.

At the beginning and end of the day we'll have open Q & A sessions where we can help you one-on-one with your specific problems. These can be related to CapeSoft Accessories, or just plain Clarion questions.

We'll be using Clarion 7, but we're well versed in Clarion 6, and even Clarion 5.5, so whatever you are working in is fine by us. Hopefully we'll be able to pass on some Clarion 7 tips at the same time.

As part of implementing the accessories, we will also be running sessions on "converting". From TPS to SQL, from Legacy to ABC, from C5.5 (or C6) to C7, from single-app to Multi-DLL. If you are needing to do one of these conversions then this is a great opportunity to do it, and have expert assistance on-hand if you need it. Most conversions are a lot easier than you think, but it's also much easier when your questions can be answered immediately.

We want this to be The Most Productive Week of your whole year!



May 3- May 5 Johannesburg / Pretoria
South Africa
For More information click HERE
May 23 - 25
Followed by Aussie Devcon, May 25 to 27
Sydney, Australia For More information click HERE
May 29 - June 2 Las Vegas, USA For More information click HERE
June 5 - June 9 Cambridge, England For More information click HERE

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