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Support Policy
  Here at CapeSoft we've realised that people using our products can run into challenging situations that require more intensive support than we were offering under the old support system. As a result, some programmers need help in getting things to work speedily. We'd like to offer customers more intensive support when those tricky situations arrive.

Level 0 - Bug Fixes.

This is free and naturally one of our top priorities. If you find a bug we want to hear from you.

Level 1 - Free email support.

This includes help with understanding what the tool can do, answering basic questions, identifying relevant sections of documentation, and examples. Our goal of 1 working day turn-around time for support emails means that we'll aim to get you up and going within a day.

Level 2 - Extended Assistance ($150 per hour).

This is for people who require additional assistance in implementing the product in your environment. This level encompasses implementing the tool, as it was designed to be used. If the reason you are struggling is because of a bug in the CapeSoft accessory, then there is no charge.

The assistance will be provided directly by the programmer responsible for the product. Communications could include email, phone or Skype, depending on what is appropriate in order to get the issue resolved as speedily as possible.

You will be notified clearly before support continues whether your specific query qualifies as Level 2 support (as apposed to Level 1).

To purchase a support ticket: Buy from clarionshop

Level 3 - Prioritisation of Features ($150 per hour).

From time to time, people have valid and useful suggestions for additions to our tools. Many times we've thought of those features already and they are on the List of things to do, but they may not be at the top of the To-Do list. If you want to make a upcoming feature happen sooner, then level 3 support gives you the mechanism to move that feature up the priority list.
Note: Paid for features will be included into the tools for use by all valid licence holders of the tool. The payment is for the prioritisation of the feature, not for the code. The code remains the property of Capesoft and we retain the right to use/re-use/resell the code and/or market the feature implemented.

Level 4 - Custom Clarion work ($300 per hour).

This is work that is not within the scope of one of our products. It is usually customising, or writing a section of your application, and often includes implementing tools for you, on your behalf.

All applications supplied by the customer remain the property of the customer. Work we add to these applications is explicitly the property of the customer. We however reserve the right to re-use our own code in future projects, if applicable. Work done adding code, or features, to any of our tools remains ours and falls under the copyright of that specific tool.

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