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Technical Briefing


The Problem
Problem: You have two (or more) programs that need to communicate over a LAN or WAN.
Problem: You want to be able to shut down your Applications across the network.
Problem: Your client has the Internet on the brain, but how do you use it?
Problem: You're not a network expert, but now you need to do things like network communications, file transfers and that sort of thing...
Problem:Dial-up connections are unreliable and painful to work with. You need a robust solution.

The Solution


Simply put, NetTalk allows your programs to communicate with each other over LAN or WAN or internet in as easy a way as possible.

Implemented as a set of objects that plug into either ABC or Legacy applications, adding network communications to your programs is trivial. You simply drop in one of the pre-written objects and watch the magic. On a LAN there is no configuration necessary.

NetTalk is robust. That means it was designed with those less-than-perfect connections in mind. It caters for things like Dynamic IP addressing, dial-up connections, it even allows your IP address to change halfway through a file download (like if the dial-up drops and gets restarted). The NetTalk protocol supports packet checking for errors and error recovery (without sending the whole thing again).

If you need to communicate with non-Clarion applications then NetTalk also helps. It allows you to create simple TCP/IP clients or servers. In other words it's trivial to open, read and write, and close TCP/IP "Ports". Using this functionality we're currently building objects for email, ftp and so on.

NetTalk supports the RAS function set, which means you can control the connections on a dial-up machine. Make use of connections that the user makes and/or schedule your own connections.

It's hard to believe that with all this we're still not yet satisfied. As of the time of writing this we still want to add on the fly packet encryption and compression. Plus we still want to add a lot of support for Internet protocols like SMTP, POP3, FTP and so on.

The Users Say...
"It's powerful and easy to use." Francisco J. Acedo M.

"I am very happy with this product!" Marco Antonio

"I bought NetTalk yesterday. From within 30 minutes my email works excellent even in HTML form => you are gods => NetTalk is 99% best thing ever happened to Clarion. Thank you." Zdravc Balantic

"I've got a production app that is NetTalk and so far no problems. I appreciate the work being done on this product, and despite the steep learning curve for a programming hack like myself, it is an incredible product, and one that will inspire all kinds of new software by the imaginative developer / entrepreneur." Mike Grigsby

"BTW - the NetTalk product is VERY good and I really like it a lot (as I do all of your products)." Charles Edmonds

"Thanks for the ftp code. Nice, very nice." George Bamber

"And double W.W.W.O.O.O.O.O.W.W.W!!! I decided to try NetTalk ( to improve the e-mail freezes, not even thinking about the other issue(s). I've had NetTalk in my toolbox for months, but had never even read the help. So I opened the help, read a few minutes, and in less than a half-hour, I had the inter-session browses updating (didn't even know NetTalk did that!) and a shutdown template added, and it works like a champ!! Made me look like a hero, and the VB guys' jaws drop to the floor!! I just want to thank Bruce for a fantastic product!!! And anyone writing programs for network use, YOU NEED TO LOOK AT THIS." Rocky Phelps 

"Very useful product. Love it!" Antonio Miranda

"Just a brief note of appreciation for your concerted efforts in helping Hwa and I run this communications issue to ground." Everett Harpole

"Much thanks for another great product. I'm finding uses for it in almost every project I've started in the last 4 months." John Farmer

"I am very happy with the support you guys are giving." Ludwig Myburgh

"PS. Excellent Support.... I'll be passing the word around." Richard Beresford

"What, there are people out there without NetTalk???" Lee Goolsby

"The Gold is Gold!!!" Glenn Hardin

"A truly great addition to clarion!" Robert Linders

NetTalk Protocol Features
  • Built-in error detection and recovery
  • Built-in guaranteed packet delivery
  • Recovers smoothly from dropped dial-up connections
  • Easy to implement - and deploy
  • No configuration in LAN environments. Minimal configuration in WAN environments
  • Able to connect over any TCP/IP connection, including LANS, WANS and the Internet
  • Built-in packet compression and encryption
  • Built-in DNS translations
NetTalk Object Features

These are shipped as source code and use the NetTalk protocol to offer pre-written functionality. Use these objects as-is or build your own based on these. This list will grow as time goes on.
  • File Transfer
  • Close programs over the network
  • Synchronize date and time over a network
  • Chat window
Simple Connect Features
  • Allows you to create a simple TCP/IP server or client
  • Open,  listen, read and write over TCP/IP ports
  • Allows you to talk to any TCP/IP enabled program
  • Build-in DNS translations
Simple Connect Object Features
  • SMTP email sending
  • POP3 email receiving
  • FTP
RAS Features
  • Allows you to use the already-configured Windows dial-up networking connections
  • Allows you to make use of the connection, even when it is started by another program
  • Allows you to schedule RAS connections
  • Using the NetTalk protocol, allows you to auto-reconnect if the line is dropped. The connection will continue even if the computer now has a different IP address
General Features
  • Supports Legacy and ABC templates
  • Supports Clarion 5 and Clarion 5.5
  • Supports single App, Multi-DLL, stand-alone and local mode compiling
  • Does not support 16 bit programming
  • Comes with 50+ pages of documentation and 7 examples
  • Designed to require no TCP/IP or networking experience

Cost & Availability

NetTalk costs $399 and is available from CapeSoft. This price includes releases for Clarion 5 and Clarion 5.5. To order On-Line visit

For more information contact or fax +27 21 715 2535. A working demo version can be downloaded from our website -

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