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About CapeSoft
CapeSoft is an independent software and electronics company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Founded in 1991 in the proverbial garage, originally writing custom applications, we now supply our own software and hardware throughout the world.

Respected leaders in the field of Clarion development we're also known for developing cutting-edge clocking technology.  In addition we currently develop and market a number of windows, and web, based software products.

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The CapeSoft Team
Where We Work
Our primary work-space are our offices in Diep River, which is in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa. If we're going to spend a lot of our lives at work anyway, it may as well be a place we like to go.

A Brief History of CapeSoft
CapeSoft was founded in 1991 by Derek Noffke and Rodney Halvorsen to develop customized software and hardware solutions. A number of successful projects during the nineties resulted in the company growing comfortably.

On the hardware side we developed a range of System 600 compatible air conditioning controls which we sold primarily in South Africa, Malaysia and Australia.  In late 2005 Derek bought the controls from CapeSoft and started a company, PurpleSwift, to develop them further.

On the software side we grew a very profitable business developing and selling addons to the Clarion language. We now sell over 35 different tools which dramatically extend the Clarion language and environment. we are currently the number one company worldwide in this market. CapeSoft developers are sought-after speakers at all international Clarion events. Bruce's book, remains popular as is considered one of the must-haves for all Clarion programmers.

To best demonstrate the use of the tools, and the power of Clarion, we developed a number of products in the area of Office Communications. These include the CapeSoft Email Server and an internal Office Messenger. These products have been successful in their own right with thousands of copies sold and being used on a daily basis by users all over the world. 

One of the earliest projects we were involved in, in 1992, was the development of a custom Time and Attendance software program for DOS. The owner of that product, Eco Time Technology, installed several thousand copies, and indeed some users continue to use it today almost 20 years later. In the late 90's we approached Eco with a view to partnering on the creation, and distribution of a Windows version of the software. TNA 2000 was the result and we went on to sell this in the United Kingdom and Australia. Later versions of this software TNA 4, and currently CS Time continue to do well and it is considered by many to be the most sophisticated software of its kind currently available.

Although the software supports multiple hardware devices, including the original clock made by Eco Time, we were motivated to build our own clocking hardware to fully complement the software. Designed specifically for the South African market the clock also enjoyed limited success elsewhere in the world.

In 2009 our third generation clock, the CS TimeClock,  was released and this has seen rapid acceptance overseas with the bulk of production now being exported. Based on a small single-board-computer, running Linux, this clock provides the foundation for an enormous leap in time-clock technology. 

In addition to desktop development we are actively involved in developing web site technology using our proprietary NetTalk web server. Many of our programs now have web interfaces built-in (most notably the Email server, and TNA 6) and we have developed a number of web applications currently running on the net. is rapidly becoming the premier repository of biodiversity information in South Africa to both formal, and informal conservation bodies in South Africa. Only with sufficient data can informed conservation be effective, and this site allows this data to be captured and aggregated. We're enormously proud to be involved in this project. was started in 1999 to assist Clarion tools developers to reach the marketplace, and is currently the only site dedicated to this purpose. With over 100 tool suppliers it forms the backbone where vendors and customers can meet.

Veculim was brought into the CapeSoft product fold in 2014. The original VRM product developed by Theo von Solms (birthed in the early '90s) continues to grow and explore its full potential with CapeSoft having taken over its developement.