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Upgrading from SimTabTree? Take a look at this FAQ


TabTree allows you to add a Sheet-Management control to a window. It creates a list of all the tabs in a list box. You can then navigate between tabs using either the keyboard or mouse and the list itself.

This approach is especially useful on windows where the sheet control contains many tabs, so many that the sheet control "overflows". It's also very useful on windows where you have Sheet Controls on another tab. By presenting the tab list as a tree, the layout of the window becomes a lot simpler.


TabTree example

Jump Start

  1. Open your application in the Clarion IDE.
  2. Add the Activate CapeSoft TabTree Global Extension template to your application. To do this, Click on Global, then Extensions, then Insert, scroll down to the Class TabTree templates and double-click on the Activate CapeSoft TabTree template.
  3. Now open the window containing a sheet that you want to replace with the TabTree list, and proceed to the window formatter.
  4. Make some space in your window for the TabTree list box (usually on the left).
  5. Place the TabTree control template on your window. To do this, from the Populate menu, select Control Template... and select the SimTree control template from the Class SimTabTreeControl items. You don't need to select a Queue in the From field - and if Clarion prompts you for one, simply click the cancel button.
If you are adding this to a MultiDLL application, then follow the steps in the Multi-DLL section of this document.

The TabTree Templates

The Global Extension Template

Global Template - General Tab Global Template - Settings Tab Global Template - Multi-DLL tab Global Template - Multi-DLL tab

TabTree Control Template

Control Template - General Tab Control Template - Sheets tab

This tab is used to select the sheet properties that you can set to a list of possible sheet controls on the window. Use the listbox containing all the sheet controls to select to which TabTree must apply the settings that are checked on this tab. If the one or both of the checkboxes are selected, but no sheet is selected, then the checkbox will automatically apply to the Sheet Control as entered on the General tab above. (This behaviour can be suppressed via the Global Extension Option though.) Control Template - Class tab Control Template - Class tab Control Template - Class tab

Using TabTree in Multi-DLL applications

In your Data-DLL: In your other applications (that require the use of TabTree in that application) including DLL's and EXE's:

TabTree Frequently Asked Questions

Check out general product CompilerErrors.

Runtime Problems

Feature Questions

Upgrading Issues

1.1) I have a contract box on my root - but it won't contract the list?

This is unfortunately a limitation of Clarion (as of writing - C6 9058). You will need to switch to using a root (see the template section) which will not have the contract box.

2.1) How do I change the icons?

In the Global extension you can choose which icons to use for the tree. At the local level you can override the icons for any one TabTree control.

2.2) How do I Hand Code TabTree, do you support hand coding without templates?

TabTree, like almost all of our products, is straight forward to hand code. We recommend using the template as a "quick start" for hand coding, as they generate the project and basic code for you: This provides you with the basic code that you need to use TabTree, and you can export the Project file from the application in order to see what needs to be added to your Project. This approach in very helpful for using any of the CapeSoft templates in a hand coded application, and allows you to use the templates and generator to build the basic code for you. The code can then be copied and pasted into your hand coded applications and modified as needed.

3.1) How much does it cost to update to the latest version of TabTree from previous versions?

It is CapeSoft's policy not to charge for updates for as long as we can, so typically you can upgrade to the latest release of TabTree from any previous version for free. Visit the CapeSoft web site at to get the latest version.

3.2) How do I upgrade from SimTabTree to TabTree?

You must only add the TabTree global extension to your application. The other settings will remain consistent from the SimTabTree local extension template.


Your questions, comments and suggestions are welcome. See our web page ( for new versions. You can also contact us in one of the following ways:
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Run the supplied installation file.


TabTree is supplied as source and compiled into your application, you do not need to ship additional files.


Notes on getting started.

Start Here

There is an example in your \Clarion\3rdParty\Examples\TabTree\ directory. The examples are a great way to get started and see a few of the ways you can use CapeSoft TabTree.

License & Copyright

This template is copyright © 2021 by CapeSoft Software. None of the included files may be distributed. Your programs which use TabTree can be distributed without any TabTree royalties.

Each developer needs his own license to use TabTree. (Need to buy more licenses?)

This product is provided as-is. Use it entirely at your own risk. Use of this product implies your acceptance of this, along with the recognition of the copyright stated above. In no way will CapeSoft Software, their employees or affiliates be liable in any way for any damages or business losses you may incur as a direct or indirect result of using this product

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