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The ABC classes contain a number of properties which govern how the classes behave. Some of these properties are not exposed at the template level making them hard to set for an application in a global fashion.

This simple template allows you to set some of these properties more easily.

All the proceeds collected from this template go to charity (over and above our normal charitable contributions.) For a list of the charities we regularly support see our Social Responsibility page. If you cannot afford this product please contact us and we will arrange a free copy for you.

If you encounter any other ABC properties which would benefit from being set globally please do not hesitate to contact us.


*Included in FM3 -- If you have got the FM3 Global Extension in the app then this setting is already being set by the FM3 DLL and you do not need this template to set this property.

Warning : DoNotAssert...

SoftVelocity have asked me to point out that embedding any code in your program can result in bugs in the program.

Specifically using the CLOSE statement after a FileManager.Open (like Access:Customers.Open) can result in the table being closed. The FileManager class lacks the code to detect this change and hence this could lead to unexpected behavior in your program. The ASSERT being suppressed detects this misuse. (Unfortunately it also incorrectly detects perfectly legal usage as being bad causing a false positive, which is why the property to suppress it has been added to the FileManager class in the first place.)

If you set this property then you are of course responsible for writing correct usage of CLOSE, limiting it to places where there is a matching OPEN.


  1. Add Global Extension
  2. Set the properties as you wish. See the Template Reference for a list of properties and what they do.

Multi DLL

If you have a multi-dll system (ie multiple apps) then you only need to add this template to the DataDLL app. ie the app which contains the ABC classes.


GlobalABCDefaults Template

File Manager Tab

The default value for this is ON. If this is on then the buggy ASSERT when CLOSE is called is suppressed. 
Create SQL Tables
The default value for this is OFF. If this is ON then a CREATE will be called for SQL tables which have an error on OPEN. Note that if you are using File Manager 3 then this setting should still be set to OFF, FM3 will correctly create the tables when required - and only when required.


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License & Copyright

This template is copyright © 2021 by CapeSoft Software. None of the included files may be distributed. Your programs which use ABCDefaults can be distributed without any ABCDefaults royalties.

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