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NetTalk Upgrade to NetTalk 12



This document works through the major changes between NetTalk 11 and NetTalk 12. It is designed for users, currently experienced with NetTalk 11 to quickly identify and use the new features in NetTalk 12. It covers things that are likely to break when you upgrade your app, and instructions on how to correct the application to allow for a smooth upgrade. It also covers other new features which you may wish to make use of in your application.

I've upgraded to NetTalk 12 (or later) and I'm getting Compile Errors!

NetTalk 12 (all levels) requires jFiles. Make sure the jFiles global extension is added to your application. If this is a Multi-DLL system then set the Multi-DLL tab, on the jFiles Global Extension, appropriately.

The next most common cause for compile errors (in NetTalk class code, or generated code) is because one of the other related tools you are using has not been updated. Especially StringTheory and xFiles.

If you are getting compile errors in your embed code then see the list below for the various changes.

Using NetTalk 12 (or later) with Clarion 8, 9 or 9.1.

Invalid Use of Private Data

Clarion 8 and 9 do not provide access to the FileManager.HasAutoInc property. This means you'll get an Invalid Use of Private Data error when compiling, on a line that looks like this;

If p_forceWrite and RM.Me.HasAutoInc = false  !8000

To correct this open your \clarion\libsrc\win\ file.
Search for the line;

HasAutoInc      BYTE,PROTECTED    ! Auto-increment or not flag

and comment out the ,PROTECTED part - leaving

HasAutoInc      BYTE  !  ,PROTECTED   ! Auto-increment or not flag

New Features

The goal of this section is a quick overview of things that have changed since NetTalk 11 which experienced NetTalk 11 users will want to know about.

NOTE: NetTalk uses many of the latest methods and functions in the following products. If you are using these then please update them at the same time.
StringTheory 3, xFiles, jFiles 2, WinEvent 5, Draw 4, File Explorer 5, Chrome Explorer

New Requirements

All levels of NetTalk now require jFiles 2 (it is no longer optional in Desktop and Server, it was previously required for Apps.) [1]
Secwin 6 is no longer supported. Secwin 7 IS supported.

Supported Browsers

All modern browsers are supported, including Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iOS Safari, Android Browser and Chrome for Android.

Support for IE is limited, and IE is not targeted as a supported browser. Most features will likely work under IE, however not all of them will. Layout, and CSS issues on IE are likely to be common.

TLS Levels

In NetTalk 12 all clients, and servers, that make use of TLS connections require at least TLS 1.2. By default TLS 1.0 and 1.1 are not supported by your program. This applies to all TLS connections, Web Server, Web Client, Email, FTP and so on.

If you need to support an older, less secure, version of TLS because you are communicating with an old server, or old client, then you can set the SSLMethod property to NET:SSLMethodTLS. For example;

Net.SSLMethod = NET:SSLMethodTLS

For more information on possible TLS Level settings see Levels.



  • NetOAuth and NetDrive examples now available as FileExplorer or ChromeExplorer or External Browser versions.
  • NetOAuth support for PKCE flow added.
  • NetOAuth support for External Browser (same machine) and External Browser (remote machine). (Re import of OAuthLogin window required)

Web Server


  • New Theme framework
    • New Documentation - Themes
    • Old themes should still work
    • New Themer (86) example
    • New theme "PalmTree"
    • Icon framework changed to SVG instead of PNG.
    • Support for FontAwesome added.
  • Form
    • BLOBs are now supported as a valid source for Text fields on Forms.
    • New Tab Style for Forms - TaskPanel - Similar to Accordion (or rounded) but panels can be open or closed independently.
    • Add: Tab Headers on Carousel tabs
    • Add Tab Headers / (Clickable) Breadcrumbs on Wizard Tabs
    • Add: Icon support for Tab Headers (Carousel, Wizard, Rounded, Plain)
    • Change: Color-Lookup form field now uses standard lookup button, and has been generally restyled.
    • New Editors for Text Fields: Advanced Code Editor (ACE) and CKEditor 4.
    • Add: Form-Fields on Memory forms, with Initial values (on data pad) are primed
    • WebSocket support added for field types; Checkbox, Color, Date, Drop, Email, Hidden, Month, Number, Radio, Range, Slider, Spinner, String, Time, Telephone, URL, Week
    • Live web socket updates on a form are visually highlighted with an animation
    • New Layout method option "Div Grid" added to existing "Div Flex" and "Table"
  • Browse
    • Added EIP field types; Color, Week, Month
    • New Layout method option "Div Grid" added to existing "Div Flex" and "Table"
  • Menu
    • Set "Hamburger" Icon
    • Set Icons for menus and menu items
  • Popups
    • Global Header-Back-Button options, with local overrides.
  • New Client-side Session Manager widget for footer procedure, and template options.
  • Added template support for Session Tables storing additional Session information. (NetWebHandler, Actions, Session Tables list)
  • Add: NotifyChangeSession method
  • Change: Footer floats to the bottom of the viewing area when the page is smaller than the viewing area. Footer height must be set in PageFooterTag procedure
  • New default global class names added to all the Button Sets.
  • Support for Secwin 7 added, Support for Secwin 6 dropped.
  • Added command URL /freecache to clear the server-side cache.
  • p_web.REDIRECT commands now use 302 (temp redirect) instead of 301 (perm redirect) by default.
  • REDIRECT commands support cookies, and by default cookies set with ADDCOOKIE are sent with a redirect.
  • Added support for passwords on .KEY files (TLS Certificates.) User-interface to this option coming in a future build.
  • Added Websocket support to MultiSite Host Example (you need to turn on WebSocket script to support this in the app)

Behind the scenes

  • When building complex div names, the separator between procedures has changed from an underscore (_) to a hyphen (-)
  • CARoot.Pem updated
  • OpenSSL updated to version 1.1.1i (
  • jQuery updated from 3.4.1 to 3.5.1 (deferred for now)
  • Slick.js (Carousel widget) updated to resize when unhidden.
  • multi-line-Browses have classes for first-row, middle-row and last-row added.
  • Session data information moved from WebServer class to NetSessionsQueue class. Uses an interface to make replacing the Session mechanism easier.
  • Loading and Saving of session states moved out of WebServer procedure into NetSessionsQueue class.
  • Added WebHandler Authenticate(token) and CookieAuthentication methods.
  • Added Send(json), SendJson(Json) methods
  • Security templates overhauled to make it easier to plugin various security engines. (like Secwin 7).
  • Added methods SessionLevelOk, RestrictOk, CanCall, CanCallAddSec, StyleWidth
  • Removed: Template settings "only serve if secure".
  • New property Is set to true if either p_web.SSL OR is true. Treat this property as read-only.
  • NetMD5 function has been deprecated - use NetMakeHash instead.
  • Close errors for WebServer and Webclient objects have been suppressed.
  • Some improvements to the wizard.



  • CustomJson and SetJsonProperties methods in NetWebSyncClient class now take a JsonClass parameter, and the self.json parameter has been dropped. Check for orphaned embed code in your NetSync procedure in Disconnected Desktop Apps. In your embed code use the parameter (pJson) in place of self.json.

Changes Required to Convert your App from NetTalk 11 to NetTalk 12








Note 1: NetTalk 12 require jFiles: Why now?

For the most part we like to keep additional accessories as "optional" - they only become required when they are in some functionality that the developer is using. For example, jFiles is used internally by the NetSync class, and so is required at the App level if any Sync features are being used.

However making accessories optional has three effects, one minor, and two major.

The minor effect is that all the code which uses (say) jFiles has to be wrapped in a conditional compile. This is tedious, and can lead to minor build issues, but it's not a big deal, and can be effectively managed from here.

The second issue is more critical - because the template is optional it's possible for the developer to forget to include jFiles in an application, where an object that uses it is being used (NetMaps for example). This will lead to some functionality in the class being "broken" and can lead to support questions and developer frustration. It's easily resolved but usually requires a round-trip support question and a day's delay. Related to this the NetTalk template cannot warn of necessary jFiles updates or things like that.

The third issue is the most complex, and hardest to debug. When a product is optional then it is effectively not usable as a parameter to a method. While technically it's possible to use optional products as parameters it requires that in multi-dll situations either all apps have the template, or none do. As can be expected this is hard to verify, which in turn means mistakes happen, which leads to really strange behavior in the app, which in turn is very difficult (and unintuitive) to debug. Given the risk, wherever possible, using optional classes in parameter lists is discouraged.

jFiles has of course been useful, and is a requirement of numerous classes. This requirement is only growing as more and more services and HTML widgets use JSON as their primary means of communication. It would appear this trend will continue, and is increasing in speed. Making jFiles a requirement not only makes integrating these services easier, it also opens the door to additional features in NetTalk improving performance in the future.

Note 2: NetTalk 12 Alpha/Beta program

The NetTalk 12 release is a little different to the previous NetTalk major-version releases.

With previous releases, the first build is a substantial update with many new features, and (as much as possible) all the potentially breaking-changes. Thus once on say 11.00, moving up through the 11.xx versions becomes usually nothing more than recompiling.

The release of Secwin 7 - and specifically the need to separate Secwin 6 and Secwin 7 support - means that the NetTalk 12 build is being released a lot earlier in the cycle than is expected.

This means that it is expected that additional breaking-changes will be introduced during the alpha/beta cycle. So when upgrading during the beta cycle please pay particular attention to the Release History, and this document, for required changes.
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