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Using CapeSoft KeepingTabs

Using Keeping Tabs in Two Easy Steps!

NOTE: For Multi-DLL apps, you need to do this in every app where you want KeepingTabs to perform its magic.
  1. Add the global extension (Global -> Extensions -> Insert-> Activate CapeSoft KeepingTabs).

    On the Options tab:

    • Turn KeepingTabs on locally - if you check this, this means that KeepingTabs will be disabled by default and requires manually enabling on the procedures where you require it.
    • You can either store settings in the Registry or an INI file.
    • Selecting INI storage allows you to select the INI file which KeepingTabs will use to store the information it requires (Application INI by default). To use an alternative INI file, you can select the Other option and then enter the name of the ini file to store (use quotes for a constant or use a variable name).
    • Selecting Registry storage, allows you to select the registry key path. This is the path within the HKEY_Current_User key. KeepingTabs will create
    • By default, both the Tab selected and the Listbox Format will be stored, but you can disable either one globally here (by checkng the respective checkbox).
    • If your app is ABC, and you are making use of the Extended Options / Enable Sort Header feature on your browses, then you can turn on Column Sort Order.
    • List Box Settings - allows you to set the default LineHeight and GridColor to be used throughout this entire application (which you can override these locally). If you don't want the LineHeight and GridColor set by default, then clear these template prompt fields. You can use Makeover to set the LineHeight and the GridColor for lists, so to avoid conflict where both products exist in your application, you need to choose whether Makeover or KeepingTabs controls the GridColor and LineHeight.
    • Turn ActiveInvisible on for all browses - ActiveInvisible is off by default, which means that you need to manually issue a browse redraw in wizarded sheets (with browses on the tabs that aren't initially shown). Checking this will make sure that your browses have data when you tab to them.
    Click OK to close the Global Extension dialog box and OK to close the application Global window.

    For testing and debugging you can globally disable KeepingTabs on the Global Extension by checking the Disable all KeepingTabs Features checkbox.

Customizing the KeepingTabs behavior for individual Procedures and Controls

Disabling KeepingTabs on a particular procedure:

You can disable Keeping tabs for a particular procedure by right Clicking on the procedure and choose "Extension", then checking the Disable KeepingTabs here checkbox on the local KeepingTabs procedure.

You can also disable the LineHeight and Gridcolor use for a particular procedure as well on the Options tab (by checking the respective checkboxes there).

Disabling or change the KeepingTabs behaviour for a specific Control:

You can also disable KeepingTabs for a particular for a particular control by right clicking on the procedure and choosing "Extensions". Select the KeepingTabs extension from the list and click on the Options tab.

The Options tab contains a list of the controls that KeepingTabs affects.
You can select a control from this list, then click on the Properties button:


To download the latest version of CapeSoft KeepingTabs please visit

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KeepingTabs Version History

Download latest version here

Version 1.20 - 28 October 2021
Version 1.19 - 24 May 2021
Version 1.18 - 18 September 2018 Version 1.17 - 18 September 2017 Version 1.16 - 15 March 2016 Version 1.15 - 25 February 2015 Version 1.14 - 7 February 2014 Version 1.13 - 14 May 2013 Version 1.12 - 30 May 2011 Version 1.11 - 10 November 2008 Version 1.10 - 28 August 2008 Version 1.09 - 28 August 2008 Version 1.08 - 20 May 2008 Version 1.07 - 18 April 2007 Version 1.06 - 4 October 2006 Version 1.05 - 24 July 2006 Version 1.04 - 8 June 2006 Version 1.03 - 29 March 2006 Version 1.02 - 20 March 2006 Version 1.01 - 24 January 2006 Version 1.00 - 16 January 2006