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CapeSoft Refund Policy

At CapeSoft we believe in happy customers. We believe all our products do their job, and do it well. But we're realistic enough to know that our software isn't going to fit every situation. That's why we have a strong refund policy. If you aren't satisfied with our products, we would like them back - and we will refund you the money. This allows you to purchase our products with confidence.

If you bought one of our products (accessories, software or source code) through CapeSoft or ClarionShop, then we offer a 90 day refund policy. We will refund you the full amount. Actually we're not too obsessed with the 90 day official limit.
If you purchased the software longer that 90 days ago, and would like a refund, please send us some more information with your email. Simply drop us an email to . The following information helps us process the refund: