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Please Note: Premiere requires StringTheory

From time to time a discussion will arise in the newsgroups about the "look" of a program. What can Clarion programs look like if you move beyond the plain default settings. In response I'll usually post a link to one of our commercial apps ( to act as a visual aid to some of the topics I discuss in reply. Lots of interesting discussion will then take place, but sooner or later someone asks;

"What Print Preview are you using?"

(You can see the print preview screen-shot here The answer is that it's a modified version of the previewer that's built into our RightReports product. Which of course is not terribly helpful if you are not using Right Reports in your own program. (And RightReports is a bit expensive to purchase just for the previewer.)

Well, earlier this year I needed a print previewer for a program that doesn't use RightReports. So I took the time to extract the previewer into a separate accessory, and along the way added some features to it, and tidied it up a bit. One thing lead to another, more features were added, and so Premiere was born.

Premiere is a PrintPreview procedure that replaces the default preview procedure in your application.

It exists as a procedure in your app tree, so the look of the procedure can be completely consistent with your application. Plus it allows your user more control over the output - they can select a subset of pages and then save that to a PDF [1], send to someone else via email [2], print multiple copies and so on.

[1] Saving to a PDF requires a PDF engine. The SoftVelocity engine, Tracker's PDF-Tools version 4.1, and Klarisoft's wPDF are all supported.

[2] Sending via Email requires NetTalk 8 Lite or NetTalk 9 Desktop or later.


A ClarionLive webinar, #386, was made of the Premiere release. It is available here.



The default preview window, as a procedure in your app, which allows you complete control over the visual look of the previewer.


User can select from a number of layout options.

Save to Excel, Word and PDF files.

Email the report as an attachment

Use Email Templates to customize the emails. Use program-wide templates, or specific templates for specific reports.

Upload to Dropbox, GoogleDrive and Microsoft OneDrive

Requirements and Recommendations

Premiere requires StringTheory. That is the only requirement. With just Premiere, and StringTheory your preview window will already be a major improvement on the previewer that comes with Clarion.

Like many of our tools, Premiere also supports functionality offered by other tools if you have them. These aren't requirements but rather allow you extra functionality if you have the tools that allow these features to exist. If you don't have the extra tools then the features in the previewer will be gracefully hidden.

Save to PDF

Saving to PDF requires a PDF engine. Supported engines include the SoftVelocity engine that comes with Enterprise Edition, Tracker's PDF-Tools version 4.1, and Klarisoft's wPDF.

Save to Excel / Word

Saving the report to Excel or Word requires Office Inside. Version 4.68 or later is required.

Send via Email

Sending the report as an email requires NetTalk 7 (any level) or later. It also requires the ability to make a file, using either a PDF engine, or Office Inside as described above.

Upload to Cloud Drive

Saving the report to a Cloud drive requires If this is confusing then NetTalk 12 (any level), a PDF or Office engine, as well as Chrome Explorer is the best combination.

Compatible With

Clarion 8 Yes
Clarion 9 / 9.1 Yes
Clarion 10 Yes
Clarion 11 / 11.1 Yes
Clarion Templates Yes
ABC Templates Yes
AnyScreen No / Partial
Local Mode Yes
DLL Mode Yes
Multi DLL Yes
AnyScreen does not support WMF files, so classic Clarion "report previews" are not possible. So in that sense the "Report Preview Window" is not compatible with AnyScreen.
However the automated functionality may still work (not yet tested) so generating reports, then converting reports to other formats, and potentially automating distribution of the reports should still work.

Documentation & Support

Documentation for the product is available here. Go here for further support.


Please Note: Premiere requires StringTheory

The price of Premiere is $249 . It is available for purchase from ClarionShop.

If you already have Right Reports 1.x you can upgrade to Premiere for $139.  The upgrade is available for purchase from ClarionShop.

For other payment options please contact us here

Refund Policy

CapeSoft believes that if you aren't satisfied with our products, we would like them back - and we will refund you the money. This allows you to purchase our products with confidence. You can read our full refund policy here.
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