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Copyright & Licensing

This software is copyright. This means that after the 30 days evaluation you should only use this software if you have paid for it. One license is required for each copy that you run. i.e. If you are running this program on three machines you need to purchase three licenses.

If you need more than 30 days to evaluate the product please contact sales at capesoft dot com for an extended trial period.


License Agreement

CapeSoft Software (Pty) Ltd, employees of CapeSoft Software (Pty) Ltd and Dealers of CapeSoft Software (Pty) Ltd products explicitly accept no liability for any loss or damages which may occur from using this package. This package is used entirely at your own risk.

Use of this package constitutes agreement with this license.

Please contact should you have any queries.


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Source Code License

Purchase the Clarion source code, you can then modify it and build your own tailored applications.

Requires: Clarion 6.1 or 6.2, NetTalk, WinEvent and HyperActive. The price of $499 does not include these products.
Recommended: Secwin is not required but recommended and can be used for registration features. SendTo is used to allow the address book and other information to be exported to MS Word and Excel, PDF, printer, email or CSV files. In addition version 3.01 adds CapeSoft SafeUpdate support for fully automated and secure downloading of cryptographically signed updates.

To purchase CapeSoft Office Messenger Source, go here.

The source code ships under the following license agreement: You may add this code to your own applications, and ship those applications without paying any royalty to CapeSoft, as long as the primary function of the application you are shipping is not Instant Messaging. If Instant Messaging is the primary purpose of your application, then you need to pay a $3 royalty fee to CapeSoft, per copy of your application that you distribute. Please contact CapeSoft for more information.

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