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 Submit a NetTalk Support Question to CapeSoft

Important: Before sending us a Support Question please have a look at the How to Get Support section.
This will step you through a quick check list, that may lead you to the answer.

We've included a form here. It will generate an email and send it to CapeSoft Support.
When you press the "Send" button you should get a warning like this:


Just press the OK button to send it to CapeSoft.

NetTalk Support Request
Product version:  
(Don't say the "latest" - we
 won't believe you <g>)
(See Global Extensions NetTalk)
Clarion version:  
(e.g. Clarion6.1 9026) 
(See Clarion Help About)
Operating system:  
(e.g. XP SP2)
Can you repeat the
error in netdemo app?  
Have you created a
LOG file using
(Please email it to
Steps to repeat Error:
Other information
(You can press OK when Internet Explorer brings up the warning)


(To ensure that your support request has been sent you
can check the Sent Items folder in your mail client)

Or alternatively you can contact CapeSoft Support at:
CapeSoft Support
+27 21 715 4000
+27 21 715 2535
PO Box 511, Plumstead, 7801, South Africa

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