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Version 2.28 Gold (8 February 2013)

Version 2.27 Gold (29 October 2012)

Version 2.26 Gold (17 March 2010)

Version 2.25 Gold (16 March 2010)

Version 2.24 Gold (30 December 2009)

Version 2.23 Gold (14 July 2009)

Version 2.22 Gold (19 June 2009)

Version 2.21 Gold (10 November 2008)

Version 2.20 Gold (28 October 2008)

Version 2.19 Gold (30 September 2008)

Version 2.18 Gold (24 September 2008)

Version 2.17 Gold (24 September 2008)

Version 2.16 Gold (23 September 2008)

Version 2.15 Gold (16 September 2008)

Version 2.12 Gold: (19 September 2007)

Version 2.11 Gold: (3 September 2007) Version 2.10 Gold: (22 June 2006)
1) The template detects the status of the Disable Checkbox in relating templates (SelfService, HyperActive and Winevent) and handles the GPFReporter functionality accordingly.

Version 2.09 Gold: (7 June 2006)

1) Set defaults correctly (in global extension template). GPF Logfile name is set to 'GPFReport.log', Append to LogFile is checked, as well as Restart Program and Close Quietly on Exit.
2) Global extension prompts formatted correctly (so that test doesn't spill over the tabs) and defaults clarified (for Email Options and MessageBox Options).

Version 2.08 Gold: (6 June 2006)

1) Rectify Global Extension template description.

Version 2.07 Gold: (5 June 2006)

1) New csGPF.tpw (sub template version 1.51) - fix for interference with other templates (using the Object01.tpw template)

Version 2.06 Gold: (18 May 2006)

1) Relabelled the Show Stack Details checkbox.

Version 2.05 Gold: (10 May 2006) 

1) Removed Help buttons from the template.
2) Requires at least SelfService 3.09 (Alternative object template variable) and WinEvent 3.33 (Template version variable)
3) Uses #context to find the SelfService variable instead of #alias (causes IDE to GPF sometimes).
4) Faulty class snuck out the door during new installation process build, so not all code was being generated into the derived classes.
5) ObjectWriter now generates () in a procedure definition where there are no parameters. This will result in embedded handcode in derived methods being orphaned. Cut and paste the derived code to the new embed positions.

Version 2.04 Gold: (27 September 2005)

1) Added check for GPF after runtime message "Do you want to GPF?"
2) Added Enable "Wait Window" option.  See FAQ 15.  This defaults to OFF as this is our recommendation.
3) Modified to work nicely with SelfService.  (Thank you Jono)
4) Removed window title from report - sometimes causes GPF in the GPF Reporter.

Version 2.03 Gold
: (18 January 2005)
1) Fixed bug in 2.01 / 2.02 where Armadillo detected code always returned "no debug info"

Version 2.02 Gold
: (13 January 2005)
1) Modified "Close quietly on Exit" to disable "Restart application".
2) Fixed bug in 2.01 template where template variables were missing.

Version 2.01 Gold
: (12 January 2005)
1) Added a new option to force eMail Paste Method.  See Options.   NB The old "Split eMails if report too long" selection is lost so please re-select as required.
2) Added a line break between reports while appending to log file.
3) Added GPFRepBuild and GPFRep:Version equates to the csGPF.TPL template.  These can be used to test the GPF Reporter version.
4) Added a few more FAQ's  See FAQ .

Version 2.00 Gold
: (4 January 2005)
1) Fixed bug where & in the Window title truncated the email report.
2) Hid the progress counter from the "Please wait loading eMail" window.

Version 1.14 Beta
: (10 December 2004)
1) Changed options to use radio buttons.  See Options.   NB The old "Skip first messagebox" selection is lost so please re-select as required.
2) Fixed bug where long reports overflowed the string buffers and were truncated.
3) Fixed bug where "min" debug info did not report line numbers.  See FAQ 10 for more info.
4) Fixed bug where locating the debug info sometimes cause a GPF in GPF Reporter (non WinXP)
5) Added FAQ 10 & 11
6) Modified the "Program Restart" procedure to use ShellExecute for faster restarting. 
7) Added various options to suppress the messagebox.   See Options
8) Fixed bug where email under Win2003 were split into very small blocks.  Requires WinEvent 3.27

Version 1.13 Beta
: (3 December 2004)
1) Fixed bug introduced in 1.12 where no open window causes the GPF Reporter to GPF on an exception.  Please don't laugh....
2) Added "Debug eMail" option.  See Options.

Version 1.12 Beta
: (2 December 2004)
1) Added a "Please wait loading eMail" window. 
2) Now needs WinEvent 3.25, modified ds_GetVersionInfo().
3) Added the procedure name to the reported details.  Included tabs between items to improve readability.
4) Fixed bug where code in between procedures (in procs with no debug info) was reported as last line of preceding procedure.
5) Added a Show Stack details option.  See Options.
6) Fixed bug in "New class properties" where the string size was not generated.
7) The Stack Trace now shows other possible calls - prefixed with ???
8) Added Field(), Event(), Keycode() and Current window title to the report.

Version 1.11 Beta: (4 November 2004)

1) Added option to restart program.  See Options.
2) Added the display of the resource version number of called DLL's onto the DLL name in the stack trace.
3) Added a "Please wait loading.." window, opens while debug info is read from the files.

Version 1.10 Beta
: (2 November 2004)
1) Fixed regression where SkipInitalMessage was ignored.
2) Added option to use the resource version number as the version number.  See Options.  (Needs WinEvent 3.23)
3) Added properties for all text.  This is to allow for language translation.  See Properties

Version 1.09 Beta: (1 November 2004)

1) Fixed bug where & in the filename truncated the email report.
2) Added property DumpFileAppend.  Sets append mode for writing to the Log file.  See Options  (Needs WinEvent 3.22)
3) Modified the template to allow for a variable to be used as the version number.  See Options
4) Added method DeleteDumpFile.  This methods deletes the current dumpfile.  See Methods
5) Removed the "Try continue" button.  (Popular demand.)
6) Documented the ReportText and ExtraReportText method / property.  See Methods & Properties
7) Replaced FAQ 9.
8) Fixed bug where " was encoded as (.  Thank you Jim.
9) Upgraded to the new super cool CapeSoft look.
10) Added help button to the template

Version 1.08 Beta
: (11 October 2004)
1) Fixed bug where the email text was not compatible with outlook.
2) Added property SkipInitalMessage.  Skip first message, display details message.  See Options

Version 1.07 Beta
: (7 October 2004)
1) Fixed bug where GPF Reporter required WinEvent version 3.22.  Should be WinEvent 3.21.
2) Added the Thread number to the report.

Version 1.06 Beta
: (6 October 2004)
1) Modified the template to generate a warning where a old (non-compatible) version of WinEvent is installed.
2) Fixed bug where the GPF Report log file was not generated when the "email" button was pressed.
3) Fixed bug where a corrupted stack caused the GPF Reporter to stop with some debug info.

Version 1.05 Beta
: (4 October 2004)
1) Modified the template to generate a warning where the GPF Reporter is added to a non EXE.
2) Removed the _GPFRep_ project define as only needed for DLL objects.

Version 1.04 Beta
: (30 September 2004)
1) Extended GPFReporter to support Win95.
2) Fixed bug where WinNT split eMail reports where corrupted.
3) Made the splitting of eMails into parts optional.  See Options
4) Added a GPF logfile.  See Options
5) Added some GPFRep class properties.  See GPFRepClassProperties
6) Added lots of FAQ's.  See Tips
7) Added support for multi-proj (another fine CapeSoft product).

Version 1.03 Beta
: (20 September 2004)
1) Extended GPFReporter to support Win98, WinNT and newer versions of windows.
2) DBGHELP.DLL needed for stack trace under Win98 & WinNT.  Should be in the application directory.

Version 1.02 Beta: (13 September 2004)

Version 1.01 Beta
: (8 September 2004)

Version 1.00 Beta
: (11 August 2004)

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