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Clarion Accessories
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Time & Attendance, Access Control, Job Costing
Eco Time is simply the smartest, most sophisticated, yet easy-to-use Time & Attendance Software available. Includes Time and Attendance, Access Control, Human Resources and Leave Management.
Mechanical employee clocking machines ("Bundy Clocks") and printed clock cards for mechanical machines.
Suitable for Time & attendance, and Access Control, from 10 employees to 5000 employees. Proximity (RFID) cards, PIN numbers or Biometric Fingerprint models available.
Panel Beating and Workshop Management
Software for managing an auto body or mechanical repair business. From quotes, to jobs, parts ordering, inventory management, job costing, analysis and a lot more.

Available in four different levels to suit any business size and budget.
Office Communication Programs
POP3 & SMTP Server for small & medium businesses.
Peer to peer office Instant Messaging program.
CapeSoft has created a range of developer tools specifically for Clarion developers. Widely acknowledged as the leaders in the field, there are now over 40 tools in the tool chest.
The source code to some products are available so that you can integrate into your application, or uses as examples to see new techniques.
Clarion books are available for both Windows ABC programming, and NetTalk programming.
Faswin is an accounting tool to help you calculate depreciation on fixed assets.
Web sites
The Africa Biodiversity Management Database allows researchers from all over South Africa, and the world, to track, monitor and manage biodiversity.
The premier online shopping portal for Clarion Accessories and other software.
Safe Writer is a small utility program for creating SAF files. SAF files are strongly encrypted, and can be unlocked with a password using the (free) Safe Reader program.